First Impressions of the World Down Under: a Brits Perspective

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I grew up with idealised notions of Australia as a dry, deserty landscape scrawling with bushes, the occasional indigenous community and tribes of kangaroos. I arrived ‘down under’ as a lone study abroad student, with just a suitcase and somewhat naive expectations. Australia both surprised and disappointed me, made me love and made me lonely, but like all other places I’ve travelled to in the world, changed my perspective irreversibly.

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A World within Worlds

Walking down the beach the sand reflects the millions of stars in the sky and the rocks glisten with sea water and moss. There is an atmosphere of tension in the air, as if every single sea creature is waiting for the final moment when the sun falls beneath the skyline and the moon comes into full being in the sky. Every inch of the landscape is touched by salt from the unruly waves which take power over the beach every day. The scene is the epitome of life, but at the same time remains still and harmonious.

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Danger on Kangaroo Island

A short story based on a true story.

     She’d heard all the stories. Three girls were hitchhiking around the area, same spot where she was right now in fact, and got butchered in their sleep. One managed to escape, running manically from her killer, stab wounds flecking the white sand of Australia’s most beautiful beach blood red. Then there was the ‘Bodies in the Barrels’ massacre- and who hadn’t heard of that one. She shivered as she recounted the terrifying tale, passed around from traveller to traveller like a joint to excite the mind and while away the hours. The story was profuse because it could not be forgotten. 

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Lima: City of Love

 My surface perception of what must be one of the most interesting and inspiring cities in the world.

Two bohemian Peruvian young adults stand on a grassy section of the long cliffs which line the edge of Lima. Beneath them is a long drop to the sea which stretches on uninterrupted for miles, framing the city. They clutch each other passionately, drawing each other in and dramatically silhouetting the landscape.

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A Cheaper Way of Travelling: Workaway, Last Minute Volunteering and Making Friends


Travelling around South America for five months last summer taught me the tips and tricks of travelling cheaply, but it didn’t come straight away. Common quandaries when it comes to discussing travelling is how much you need when you’re on the road, and how on earth you’re going to save enough to begin with. One thing my experience has taught me is that it turns out you don’t have to.

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